A Portal  into the Heart.
From which the greatest mysteries
of your soul will be revealed.
My name is Karen Sophia Peck

I offer you a sanctuary from the outer world.
 A place to be nourished and nurtured as you connect to the deep peace of your own inner temple.
A place to heal as you rediscover your unique purpose and remember your hidden gifts and talents.

A place to integrate 

Body, Mind. Soul and Spirit.
Welcome to this space of the Mystic Rose where you will connect with the essence of the Divine Feminine which is held within the energies of the Magdalene and the essence of the Rose.
The mystic rose is one who looks within to find union with the Divine Self and to gain insights to hidden truths. This inner work brings the mysteries and magic of  life to light, and ignites the light of your soul to shine bright.
The mystics of the past often spent their lives isolated from the world in deep prayer and contemplation. The modern mystic engages in the world, enjoying all the pleasures of  life while nourishing themselves by going within to connect with their soul's wisdom and light.

The Rose holds the energies of the Divine Feminine. The petels of each flower holds a beauty that embraces us as we travel inwards to heal ourselves from the inside out. Despite it's beauty and soft fragrance the rose stems have thorns creating natural protection and resilience, creating a soft strength, which is at the heart of divine feminine energy.
The path of the Rose is one of bringing the Divine Feminine energies we all hold into balance and harmony. This is regardless of your gender,whether male or female. It is an ancient sacred path which permeates all faiths and race
and shows all who feel drawn to its' ancient mysteries a way into the sacred heart.
Wholeness is where we bring all aspects of ourselves into balance and harmony. At the heart of coming into wholeness is loving the self. Creating space where nothing is forced, all feelings are accepted and acknowledged. Nothing about ourselves is denied but seen through the eyes of deep compassion and self-love.

You are a truly wonderful expression of Divine Light.
The wonder of life lives within you.Your heart knows.Your soul knows. Now it's time to let your mind know.

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Divine Healing 

There is one of you, and only one.

You are so very special.

Each personal healing session with me is tailored to your individual needs.


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A chance to experience and feel into the process of transformation.

Specialised Sessions to Accelerate your Growth 

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Shining Your
LightBody Activations

Image by Jess Bailey

Remembering Your
Soul Plan Readings


Our sessions will always stay with me.

Your kindness and grace encouraged me to visit and heal some difficult memories.

We broke bonds, cut cords, visited several past lives.

I really have had the best spiritual experience with you Karen
I am so grateful for the safe space that you held for me to explore the deepest forest within,

and your wisdom and knowing as you helped to decode my visions

Linda UK